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Residential Support

Community Living Elgin offers various housing options across Elgin County including Group Living, Supported Independent Living and Family Home program.


Staff assists the people they support to develop life skills, encouraging them to speak up for their rights and responsibilities within their homes and communities.

Group Living

In group living programs, three or more adults' share a home in which 24-hour support is provided. The staff in these homes; advocate independence while providing each person with the care they need to live safely and healthily in their homes and community.


An annual Person Centred Planning process is used to ensure that the goals set by
the person are respected and achieved.

Supported Independent Living

Focusing on developing independent living skills, Community Living Elgin staff provide support to people in their homes or apartments at the level they require. People are encouraged to assume responsibilities within their homes and communities. Again, the support of family and friends plays an important part in helping people determine the direction of their lives.

Family Home

Family Home allows people with developmental disabilities the chance to live in a family setting. Community Living Elgin matches individuals with families who are able to open their homes to assist people in developing daily living skills and connections to the community.

Respite services

Self-directed respite funding is available to qualified families caring for a  child with a Developmental Disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Funding is allocated for the year based on the available resources and the number of applications.  Additional information on respite options, including forms and Independent Respite Providers available for hire, may also be found on the Elgin portion of the website www.respiteservices.com

Application Process

All applications for children residential programs are administered through a central point of access. For Elgin County, it is the Community Services Coordination Network. Please refer to the link provided at www.cscn.on.ca to find the necessary application package (Access Form).


For adult applications contact Developmental Services Ontario, Southwest Region using the link provided www.dsontario.ca.


Community Access Supports

People with developmental disabilities want and need to live lives that are based on their own personal goals. The Community Access Programs are designed to help people meet some of these goals.

Community Access Program - 2 Curtis

The Community Access program at 2 Curtis St. helps people set goals and work towards them in area of employment, volunteering, life skills development and community connections.

East Elgin Day Program

Similar to the program in St Thomas, the Community Access Program in Aylmer offers people who live in this community support in the area of supported employment, volunteer work, skill development and making community connections.

Community Access from People's Homes

All staff are responsible to assist people in meeting their goals. Where a person lives in one of the Community Elgin's group homes and /or received 24 hour support from the agency and wishes to be supported to connect tot heir community, the staff who support them from their homes assist with these goals.

Family Support (0 – 21)

Community Living Elgin provides a variety of supports to children and young adults living with developmental disabilities and their families. Through a family-centred approach, CLE assists these individuals in utilizing community connections as they transition through life stages. Family Support can help with planning children's future, from school to adulthood; assisting in the coordinating of services such as parent relief, summer programs, the autism respite program, and associate family relief; providing information on available services and assisting with referrals; and assisting parents in advocating for services for their children.

Ontario Early Years Centre (0 – 6)

The first six years of a child's life make the biggest impact. The Ontario Early Years Centre offers parents, caregivers, children (newborn to age 6) and professionals a place to play, learn and grow. Free programs and services include Well Baby Clinic, specialized activities and Parent/Caregiver Workshops. Outreach programs are available throughout the riding of Elgin-Middlesex- London. We also offer an onsite resource area for parents and professionals. For more information, visit www.ontarioearlyyears.ca or email: eyc@eyc.communitylivingelgin.com.