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In operation for more than 50 years, Community Living Elgin (CLE) began with a small group of parents who wanted to improve education and employment opportunities for their developmentally disabled children. Today, approximately 230 adults, children and their families across Elgin County are being supported to live, work and participate fully in their community.

Quick Statistics

Number of families supported: approximately 230.
Number of full and part time staff: approximately 260.
Number of volunteers and placements: approximately 20.

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

We envision an inclusive community where all people with a developmental disability can achieve their full potential.

Our Mission

We provide a variety of supports and services within an environment of care and compassion to help people with a developmental disability and their families live in the community based on their choices.


We manage all the resources entrusted to us in a responsible and careful manner in order to ensure the financial viability of the organization.

Service Principles

We will:

  • Provide supports and services in a manner that respects and supports people's
    choices and that are within their financial means.

  • Encourage and support a level of community involvement that respects the abilities
    and desires of the person.

  • Provide supports and services in a way that keeps people safe and leads to growth
    and skill development based on the directions of the person.

  • Provide support to people in our service to become their own leaders; hearing
    and respecting their voices.

  • Monitor our services ensuring Person Centred Plans are completed, reviewed and
    respected and supports are in place to facilitate these plans.

  • Evaluate our services on an annual basis to ensure continuous quality improvement.

  • Support relationships that are chosen by the person.

  • Keep people's private information confidential by only sharing on a "need to know basis,"
    when consent is given.

  • Communicate with everyone in a manner that respects individual abilities.

Board of Directors

Community Living Elgin is governed by a voluntary board of directors who meet monthly to guide the operations of our organization. Each year, new members are elected at the June Annual General Meeting.


Bob Ashcroft, President

Nick Wells, 1st Vice-President

Darren Connolly, 2nd Vice President

Tina Grignard, Treasurer

Susan Bird, Director.
Susan Lang, Director

Kevin Procter, Director

Michelle Palmer, Interim Secretary.

Senior Management Team.

Michelle Palmer- Interim Executive Director.
Dave Round - Director of Finance and Administration.
Denise House - Director of Human Resources.
Jayne Andrews - Director of Support Services.